Glossary of Book Marketing Terms

I am very excited to move forward with creating a blog for authors to help give information on Marketing! I do realize that some of this terminology will be unfamiliar to some and familiar to others. Trends and media change on a daily basis. Because of this, I will make a little terminology guide that I will update regularly.

If there’s ever a term or subject I haven’t covered that you’d like to hear more about just send me email to and I’ll add it to my list!

AMA - AMA is an acronym for "ask me anything," which originated in a popular subreddit where users will use the term to prompt questions from other users.

Amazon Author Central - your author profile. You can add photos, add your blog and social media profiles and list events you will attend. Once you have your profile You can upload Your books to Amazon.

Big Four - The Big Four, or the four most widely used social media platforms, are Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. - a free url shortening service

Blog - a blog is a regularly updated website or web page with article-like content released periodically to update a reader

DM or PM - “Direct” or “Private” message. When somebody says “DM Me” they mean send me a direct or private message

Goodreads - a social media site just for hooks. Readers can connect their Facebook, invite their friends, review books, create reading lists, contact authors And more!

Guest Blog - writing a blog post for somebody else’s blog.

Handle - a handle is a term used to describe somebody’s username on Twitter or Instagram. Example, my Twitter is @littletinylacey so my handle will be LittleTinyLacey

Hashtag (#) - a hashtag is a tag used on social networks to annotate and Categorize information within your content and make it easily searchable for users.

Kindle - a service for buying selling and reading ebooks provided by

Launch Party - an event hosted in person or online to celebrate The release of your book!

Meme - (pronounced like “mean” NOT like “mimi”) an element of culture usually in the form of an image passed widely from person to person. More commonly a meme is a humorous or relatable video, picture, or phrase that is sent from person to person. These typically only stay current for a few days and are shared through tens of thousands of people.

Newsletter - a lot of people mix blogs and newsletters up. Newsletters are emails sent out periodically Reminding a reader to read a blog or stay current on the content released by the author.

Nook - a service for buying selling and reading ebooks provided by Barnes and Noble

PPC - PPC is an acronym for “pay per click” advertising which advertisers pa to display ads in various websites that are only paid for per each click a reader clicks.

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