Ultimate List of Angry Writing Music

You've done it before. You've been lost in a new neighborhood and have had to turn your radio down to see the address you're looking for.

This actually isn't something too difficult to explain. When our brains multi-task they try to give equal attention to everything going in, and burn a similar amount of energy for each thing it's focusing on.

Picture this, you're writing a steamy romance scene while listening to Ariana Grande. Subconsciously, you are concentrating on both song lyrics and the best romantic subplot since Nora Roberts. Your brain is using a similar amount of brain-space to process both your romance and Ariana Grande at the same time. It may be difficult to concentrate properly on your writing when your brain needs to work on processing song lyrics.

But what can you listen to in a way that helps your brain focus more on your writing than the lyrics?

My brother plays in a band right outside my office window. I have never had trouble concentrating on my writing while he was playing outside. Actually, I've found I write more while he's playing music. Because he plays in the garage and I have never actually seen or focused on the band play or the music itself, I asked him "How many of your songs have lyrics in them?"

His response? "Do you actually have ears? All of them."

And then it hit me! The idea, not my brother. I was able to concentrate because the type and style of the music purposefully weaves the lyrics in with the melody. For me, metal is the music that helps me focus on my writing the most. So, since then, I've created a playlist to help me write and I have titled it the "Ultimate List of Angry Writing Music". I've found that I am faster and more productive when I write. I've also noticed that my writing while listening to the playlist is more emotionally evocative.

Please, if you're interested, I've shared a playlist I've made below.

If you want to listen to my Ultimate List of Angry Writing Music and give it a shot, click on this list! BUT, please know that this playlist does contain explicit content.

If you're into something that is more clean, I'd click on this link. It's more family friendly metal music.

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