Game Over

Game Over - Lacey Impellizeri

This was one of my first completed projects for my graphic design course. We needed to take elements from separate photographs and put them together into a digital photo montage. It's not my best work, and I know now I can do a lot better, but this one was featured in our school's graphic design building, which made me very proud of it.

At first glance, the piece is commentary on modern media versus traditional media. It's using works of Michelangelo to view traditional viewpoints of humanity and religion. From first glance, you see Michelangelo's David turning away from the hand of God, his head a vintage television screen featuring the words "GAME OVER". I meant for this piece to be a trick of the mind. First glance, it seems to mean that modern media has taken over the minds of the new generation, the tatted out David is smoking, and turning away from God while displaying the message "GAME OVER".

However, much like most of my writing, there is a deeper meaning that I wanted to convey.

This piece is actually reflecting the opposite. The tatted out David is a symbol of depression in the younger generation. The walk man and the television are used to describe how the younger generation distracts themselves from reality with technology. The cigarette is a symbol of self medication and how it can go wrong. The most powerful symbols are the "GAME OVER" worn on David's face, the "low life level" worn on David's chest, and the "NOTHING" sign in the background. However, there is the arm of God in the background, reaching out to David and asking the simple question "continue?". The tattoo on God's arm is also symbolic, referring to the idea that God himself would not abandon people as they grow and change and evolve.

Also David had boxers, because... well... I was a little uncomfortable when I had to zoom into the image and stare at a stone cold... you know... for the entirety of a four hour class.

Thank you!

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